deciBel is open to everyone looking for something innovative

Open the doors of this old house and you'll discover our many treasures such as exciting events, quality and friendly service and reasonable prices. You'll also open the door to a gastronomic and artistic journey of discovery (for your pleasure we offer exhibitions of local and international artists, as well as live acoustic music, Djs and much more...)


Decibel opens the door to a gastronomic and artistic journey. A venue that will be host to a myriad of local and international art exhibitions, live music and Dj’s. An eclectic atmosphere, Decibel bar is aimed at people looking for something innovative. The space is divided into two floors, with the first floor is the exhibition space, where art and live music performances will be held. The second floor has neo-baroque interior design style and its more a place to chill out and sip on their creative cocktails, prepared by their international bartender. On the culinary side of things they offer a comprehensive menu of European cuisine that is available all day long.